Facts We Know

Facts We Know About Car Accidents

by Bret Schnitzer

Car accidents are a part of modern life. There are so many cars on the road. Most American’s have been in a car accident or know someone who has been in a car accident. Here are some facts we do know about car accidents.

1. Over 40% of crashes that are fatal involve alcohol. If the accident takes place between midnight and 3 am the percentage increases to about 80%.

2. Around 15 pedestrian school children are killed by school buses each year. These deaths tend to take place in the afternoon.

3. Male drivers cause twice as many accidents as female drivers.

4. vehicle rollovers are the most common way to be killed in an accident. The taller the vehicle the greater the likelihood it will roll over. This includes SUV’s.

5. Young people between the ages of 16-20 face a higher chance of being injured or killed in a car crash over any other age group.

6. Most car accidents actually occur within 4 miles from home.

7. Car accidents are the most common way people are injured or are killed in the United States.

8. Cars that are more prone to accidents are sports cars and hatchbacks. Although cars that have a bigger engine that have the greatest chance in being in a car accident.

9. Each year, approximately 300,000 teens are injured in a car crash. In the United States alone over 4000 teens die each year.

10. Your chances of getting into a car crash while talking on a cellphone increases by 500%

11. Sleepy or overly tired driving leads to over 12% of auto accidents.

13. Failure to wear a seatbelt and harness increases your chances of death by 40% in serious auto accidents.

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