Another Case In The Bag

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Another Case In The Bag
by Bret Schnitzer

Type of Action:Slip and fall in parking lot

Type of injuries: Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, left ankle.

Name of Case: Geatana Young v. James Esshaki. D/B/A Essco Developement company.

Court/case No,: Wayne County Circuit Court.

Name of Judge: Hon, Paul Teranes.

Jury Demand?: Yes.

Damages Awarded/No Causes of Action: $670,000

Trial Verdict or Settlement: Jury verdict plus offer of judgement sanctions to be awarded.

Attorney for Plantiff: Bret A. Schnitzer.

Name/City of your Experts: Treating doctors.

Insurance Carrier: Meridian Insurance.

Highes offer: $45,000.

Other Useful Information: The jury found that Plaintiff failed to reasonably maintain its $10 million strip mall parking lot from an unnatrual accumilation of motor oil which caused plaintiff’s fall. Plaintiff first had a sprain but this developed into the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. The Plaintiff had to have Sympathetic Blocks and developed a serious and permanent problem. The case was tried to completing in front of a Wayne County Jury and resulted in a big Jury Verdict.