Fell At Apartment

Fell At Apartment
by Bret Schnitzer

Type of Action: Slip and fell: Premises liability.
Type of Injuries: Severe dislocation right shoulder. Permanent loss of motion. Requiring surgery.
Name of Case: Artrice Morrison Norwood v. Open Terrace Limited Housing Association, limited parntershipo A/K/A/ Sunrise Apartments.
Court/Case No.: 36th District Court #89-554991-PS.
Judge or Jury? Jury.
Name of Judge: Hon Doss.
Ammount of Damages: Medical $6,700 wage loss $10,500. Pain and suffering, etc the remainder.
Result: $390,000. Jury Verdict plus $100,000 interest plus offer of judgement attorney fees and costs.
Attorney for Plaintiff: Bret A. Schnitzer
Name/City of your Experts: Karl Griemal P.H.D.
Insurance Carrier: State Farm Insurance.
Highest Offer: $6,000.