Civil Rights Violations

Civil Rights Violations
by Bret Schnitzer

Type of Action: Assault and battery, civil rights violations.
Type of Injuries: Neck injuries to Mike Hurd. Psychological damages in both plaintiffs.
Court/case No.: Wayne County Circuit Court/No 80-613-685-NO.
Judge or Jury? Jury.
Name of Judge: Hon. Sharon Tevis Finch.
Special Damages: $13,000.00 medical – Mike Hurd.
Damages Awarded and or settled: Jury Award.
Amount: $100,000.00 to Mike Hurd amd $30,000.00 to Wayne Hurd.
Attorney for Plaintiff: Bret A. Schnitzer.
Name of Case: Mike and Wayne Hurd v. Sears, Roebuck & Company/
Insurance Carrier: Self-insured.
Highest offer: $3000 per Plaintiff.
Other Useful Info: Mediated at $6,000 per plaintiff. Sears alleged plaintiff’s had stolen a polisher bonnet – value $2.69 – with a polisher unit they were purchasing. Plaintiff’s were physically abused and called racial names by Sears security.