Suing For Gas Explosion

Gas Explosion Lawsuit and Big Jury Verdict

by Bret Schnitzer

Injuries alleged: Back injury with positive EMG results.
Name of Case: Brown v. Michigan Consolidated Gas.
Court/Case no.: 36th District Court No. 94-116028-PS.
Name of Judge: Mary Waterstone.
Jury Demand? Yes.
Damage awarded: $1.14 million (plus offer of judgement santions to be taxed by the plaintiff)
Attorney for the plaintiff: Bret A. Schnitzer.
Attorney for the defendant: Witheld.
Highest offer: $40,000.00: Mediated $8,500.00.
Insurance Carrier: Self-insured utility.
Other Information Submitted: This was a four-week trial in which critical liability and proximate cause evidence was provided which persuaded the jury that defendant was negligent and responsible for the plaintiff’s chronic low back injuries. The defendant showed a video secretly filmed of the plaintiff which was not disclosed in answers to interrogatories or its witness list. The contents of the video were not persuasive as related to Plaintiff’s injuries.