Wrongful Death Auto Accident

Wrongful Death Auto Accident
by Bret Schnitzer

Type of Action: Wrongful death/automobile.
Type of Injuries: Death of 16-year-old male.
Name of Case: Dorothy Army and Derrick Harrison as co-personal representatives of the Estate of Damon Army v. Budget Rent-a-Car, Inc.
Court/Case No.: Waybe County Circuit Court, No. 93-305621-NI.
Name of Judge: Hon. Susuan Bieke Neilson.
Jury demand? Yes.
Damages Awarded/No Cause of Action: $377,500.
Trial Verdict or Settlement: Settled after one week of trial.
Attorney for Plaintiff: Bret A. Schnitzer
Name/City of Your Experts: Investigating police officers and medical examiner.
Insurance Carrier: Self-insured.
Other Useful Information: The defendant Budget Rent a Car, Inc., claimed that their vehicle had been rented for use in narcotic trafficking and that any consent had been vitiated by illegal use of their motor vehicle. Defendant claimed plaintiff was operating the motor vehicle in question at the time of this incident and the cause of his own death. Plaintiff’s counsel argued that plaintiff was a rear-seat passenger.