RSD From Painful Slip And Fall

RSD From Painful Slip And Fall
by Bret Schnitzer

Type of Action: Slip and fall.
Type of injuries: Reflex symathetic dystrophy.
Name of Case: Beverly Stombaugh V. Haddad Brothers et al.
Court/Case No.: Oakland County Circuit. Court, No. 89-380218 – NO.
Jury Demand? Yes.
Damages Awarded/no Cause of action: $265,000.00 plus $150,000.00 workers’ comp. Settlement and waiver.
Trial Verdict or Settlement: Total recovery of $415,000.00
Attorney for Plantiff: Bret A. Schnitzer.
Name/City of your experts: Treating doctors.
Insurance Carrier: Citizens and CNA.
Highest Offer: $415,000.00.
Other Useful Information: Plantiff slipped and fell at a big boy restaurant on the ice in the parking lot. Plantiff developed RSD in her non-dominant arm. Schnitzerlaw settled the case on the eve of trial. Plaintiff took all the doctor depositions and was ready for trial. The day of trial the defendants settled the case.